Incoming Blip – Shojo Manga

Used to be only the geekiest of comic book mavens knew about and read Manga. Comics used to be primarily “boy stuff” – superheroes, violence, cleavage – but with the introduction of Japanese Manga the potential audiences can be as wide as the hugely expanded subject matter. Particularly interesting to me as a father of a tweenage daughter is the growth of ‘Shojo Manga’ or Chick Lit Comics that are increasingly popular with teen and tween American girls.

Another thing on the parenting radar screen, especially if you’ve got daughters. I guess I will have to check out some of this Shojo Manga, if only to be aware. The concern for me here is that Manga can run from harmless juvenile pablum to graphically violent to pornographic. Another twisty maze of passages to help your kids through.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody tracking the “Parenting Radar Screen,” informing us parents about the incoming blips from all fronts and their relevant trajectories?

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