Mean Girls

Saw Mean Girls with Heidi and Girlzilla last night. It was pretty good as the writing by Tina Fey was smart enough to rise above the standard teen movie fare. Though all the teen movie cliches were there, right down to the “why can’t we just all be ourselves” speech at the end.

I must say that as a grown married man I find it unfair to be subjected to teen movie eye candy. I mean, including a cute brunette teacher character with a dry wit and a love for calculus? That’s just not fair.

Apparently it’s based on a non-fiction book called Queen Bees and Wannabes about the byzantine and often cruel social heirarchy and rule structure of the teen girl world. Despite my belief that all of the characters were laced with a touch of hyperbole for comic effect, my wife and daughter inform me that it’s accurate. There is a prominent class of girls who are really like that. I thought you women were more evolved than us guys. Huh.

Well, anyway, it had a good message and proved to be a good opening for talking about friendship and popularity and values with Girlzilla. Coolness.

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