Dancin' Dave

Dancin Dave was dressed differently this morning. Wearing a 3/4 length pink night shirt, oversize novelty sunglasses, and a rainbow beanie. Usually he wears some sort of really short lycra running shorts, bright tshirt, and suspenders with his variety of novelty headgear. Such as a plastic set of devil horns or a visor with flashing lights or a novelty cap with the stuffed clapping hands coming out of the front. But today he looked like he was still in his pajamas.

Dancin’ Dave walks just about every morning down El Camino Blvd as I am going to work. Dancin’ Dave is an older guy. I don’t think he has a car because I when I see him, he’s always on foot. He waves to traffic, smiling and engaging everyone who will dare to let him catch them looking at him. I can never wave to him because he always seems to be on the way opposite side of the road from me. Maybe next time I’ll honk.

I’ve never spoken to Dancin’ Dave. The only way I know his name is Dancin’ Dave is that I’ve heard tale of his exploits on the dance floor from friends. There is an oldies club within walking distance from the corner of El Camino and Nasa Rd 1 where he lives called The Hop. Apparently, he’s a regular. And, apparently, he’s every bit as eccentric at the Hop as he is walking around his little corner of town.

I am glad that our corner of the suburban sprawl has a guy like Dancin’ Dave. We need a few more guys like him, I’d say.

One day I was eating lunch at a Thai restaraunt near that area when I had an alarming thought – I hadn’t seen Dancin’ Dave in over two weeks. What had happened to Dancin’ Dave? After lunch I walked with determination across the parking lot into the Kroger and went up to the customer service booth. “I haven’t seen Dancin’ Dave in a couple of weeks. Have you seen him? Is he okay?” The lady at the booth laughed a bit and said, “Yeah, he comes in every day, pretty much like he always does.”

Dancin’ Dave is still around. I must have just been missing him. Whew.

We need you Dancin’ Dave. Pray for our boring suburban souls. Interceed for us.

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