Evolution's Arrow: cooperation, systems, and Conceptual Soup

Almost a year ago I blogged an article by evolutionary biologist John Stewart concerning evolution and spirituality. The material for the article was taken from his book called Evolution’s Arrow. I just stumbled across the full text of Evolution’s Arrow in hypertext for convenient online reference. Still, I think I’ll get my hands on a hardcopy.

I’m feeling a need to read this book. Somewhere inside me is a post, or a paper, or a project of some sort, that weaves together complimentary threads like the concept of “Evolutionary Soldiers” from Stewart’s book, Teilard De Chardin’s concept of hominisation, Douglas Hofstadter’s ideas on Superrationality and the Evolution of Cooperation, the iterated prisoners’ dilemma class of problems, Pema Chodron’s writingson the Boddhisattva warrior, some comments about the discipline of spirituality Aldous Huxley makes in The Perennial Philosophy, and systems thinking, esp. Peter Senge’s system archetypes from The Fifth Discipline.

Maybe getting hold of the book might cause this loose conceptual soup to gel into something. Oh well, I’m quite used to conceptual soup sloshing around in my head.

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