Tomorrow’s God?

Apparently, according to Neal Donald Walsh, we are gonna get a new God sometime in the next 30 years. The old one – or our ideas about the old one – is outdated. Even though his description of the new God seems a bit wimpy and new agey for my taste, I agree that most of our ways of thinking about God are outdated too. That’s not my main beef with Walsh.

He describes this “coming spiritual awakening” that will transform the way the world understands God and he offers no evidence in the present world to support his prediction. It sounds more like wishful thinking to me.

I’d like to believe him, but I could offer some obvious evidence straight from recent headlines to exactly the contrary. I’m afraid that the old angry intolerant God survived the New Age and is back and is pissed off. I can see many directions from which religious intolerance is on the rise, so I’m really curious to know what Walsh is looking at that gives him the idea that we’re on the verge of some kind of “awakening’ to a kinder, gentler view of God. I wish he were right. I wish he had some evidence of being right.

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