Quiet is the new Loud

I am always looking for search terms that, when added to a search will catch people talking about trends and futures stuff they are concerned with. I sometimes use “*-is-the-new-black” to catch people talking about percieved trends in a given subculture, for instance. Then sometimes I’ll try variants just for fun.

If you plug this variant string “*-is-the-new-*”into Google and you get some interesting stuff. Stuff you can make into faux-hip, ironic, and creepily Orwellian found poetry.

Quiet is the new Loud
Fifty is the new Thirty
Fat is the new Tobacco
MFA is the new MBA
Small is the new thin
India is the new Japan
Chocolate is the new Olive Oil
Organic is the new Kosher
Glam is the new Metal
Knitting is the new Rock and Roll
The Drug War is the new Jim Crow
Fear is the new Drug of Choice
Hate is the new Love
Fake is the new Real
Butt Crack is the new Cleavage

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