Neural Darwinism

“It is silly reductionism, of course, to claim that you and I are just bags of molecules. But I do not believe consciousness arises from spooky forces. I don’t believe in some Cartesian dualistic domain that is inaccessible to science. The brain is embodied and the body is embedded in its environment. That trio must operate in an integrated way. You can’t separate the activity and development of the brain from the environment or the body.”

My selection bias at work (isn’t that the essence of blogging after all?). I agree quite heartily with what this Nobel Prize winning physiologist says in this interview – that consciousness is emergent from supporting physical connections, that there is no fundamental division between “natural” and “supernatural”, “body” and “mind.” This concept does not weaken my religious faith but rather strengthens it.

Like I said, selection bias at work.

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