Yesterday, Petunia grabbed the sidewalk chalk and marked on the blackboard easel we have sitting out on the back porch. She surveyed her work, then turned to look at Olivia, who was observing the older kids’ action from her walker on the porch. Petunia then went over and hugged Olivia.

Except it was an awkward looking hug that took an unusually long time. When Petunia stepped away, Olivia’s mostly bald head had blue chalk marks all over it. Apparently Petunia was impressed with the way the blue sidewalk chalk showed up on the black surface of the chalkboard (better than on any sidewalk, that’s for sure) and wanted to try it on another dark surface.

Yes, we had to have a quick reeducation session with Petunia. But it was still pretty funny. Olivia was beaming, sporting a blue bald baby-punk chalk tattoo.

You know, seems there’s never a camera around when you really need one.

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