Pico de Gallo

A visitor writes “need words and cords to “Pico de Gallo Song”. any place where I can get just that song? Please advise. Thank you.”

Well, familiar as I am with song, I’ll do the public service of posting the words to the Pico de Gallo song by Trout Fishing In America. I’ll also note that breaking into the song in a loud voice works quite well to quiet a car full of bickering children.

Pico de gallo
You ought to give it a try-o
Even if you’re from Ohio
It’ll get you by-o
Don’t get it in your eye-o
Unless you want to cry-o
So come on don’t be shy-o
Eat some pico de gallo

It’s got jalapenos
I reckon y’all have seen those
They’re kinda hot for gringos
And probably flamingos
Just add some tomatillos
Onions and cilantro
Lime juice and tomatos
You’ve got pico de gallo


It was Cinco de Mayo
And I was down on the Bayou (that’s Bi-yoh to you northern types)
With my good friend Venus de Milo
We were watchin’ Hawaii Five 0
She wanted some French Fry-os
Or maybe apple pie-o
And I said why oh why-o
We’ve got pico de gallo

(chorus. Loudly, as now the children have finally picked up the tune and are singing along)

I don’t know the chords, but it sounds like a pretty simple chord progression. I only sing it accapella myself.

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