Paean to the KX2

When my local coffee house was bought out, I was worried just a little bit. I mean, this was my place, you know? What were they going to change? Well, the name for one. No big deal there.

Then they changed the coffee. To Lola Savannah. Which totally rocks.

Then they started messing with the takeaway cups. Anyone who picks up coffee on the way to work knows the importance of the takeaway cup. It’s a safety issue. It’s an environemental issue. It’s a “don’t want to burn the crap out of my hand or wear little coffee drips on my shirt all day” issue.

Styrofoam is totally out of vogue and punctures too easily. Double cupping is way wasteful. Those little sleeves are better, but they’re still extra wasted cardboard that don’t play well with many cars’ cup holders.

You need a strong cup with a tight-fitting lid that will insulate sufficiently with one layer only. So, enter the KX2 . Great cup. The fact that there’s no annoying corporate coffee logo is a nice plus.

The only caveat is that the lid is so tight fitting that you need to pay extra attention to making sure you have a good seal when you put the lid on. So when you put the lid on your KX2, pay attention to what you’re doing (a good habit to practice in general, IMO). I know what I’m talking about here.

Anyway, whatever extra the new owners of my local java joint are spending on this baby is worth it. I’d pay a few cents more per cup for the KX2. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Nota bene, independent coffee retailers.

3 thoughts on “Paean to the KX2

  1. Yep, we use them too, for all the reasons you list. I’m pretty happy with them, but we do get a fair number of them that seem to leak along the seams. I don’t run into it, but my customers do. Have you noticed this?

  2. I have seen it leak along the seams when I refill after the previous cup full of coffee has been in there for a long time. It does not seem to reuse well. Your customers probably need to spring for a real cup if they’re going to want to reuse it. I’ve never seen one that leaked on the first fill, though.

  3. We started using the KX2 cups a year ago in June 2005. The only complaint I’ve ever gotten, is about the leaking in the seem. I was really concerned about this so I did a test at home. I took one of each size cup and over a week’s time, I reused some, heated them repeatedly in the microwave, rinsed and rerinsed them in the sink, put them in the fridge, etc. I didn’t have one leaky cup. I decided to continue using the product and just apologized to my customers on the rare occassion that one did leak. I have had to give a couple free drinks as well. I was at Coffee Fest this year 2006 in Seattle, and told one of the reps for the company about the leaking seams. He didn’t seem to care or surprised. So I don’t know if this is something they are even trying ot work out.

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