Analog PDA

I sometimes feel a little guilty for not having one of those fancy gadgety things for keeping track of my ideas, appointments, to-dos, etc. But I’ve always thought that a PDA would be just another expensive time sink for me. But then I came across this idea for the Hipster PDA at 43 Folders (which I bookmarked post-haste) and fell in love instantly. Just the perfect companion for my duct tape wallet! Both are homemade from cheap ingredients and exact a relatively low overhead cost. And it doesn’t beep at me or anything. Beautiful.

I prefer not to call it a “Hipster PDA” as I find the word “Hipster” to be fraught with undesired pretense. Maybe I’ll call my version a “Poor Man’s PDA” or a “Slacker PDA.” Maybe it’s my “Analog PDA.” Yeah. Well, whatever I call it, I’m already carrying one.

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