Happy Accident?

This is not exactly hot off the presses, but apparently scientists hypothesize that the Female Orgasm is a “happy accident” and serves no evolutionary purpose, kind of like nipples on men. Let’s see, women get the big O and men get nipples. When it comes to evolutionary accidents, the men got shortchanged big time.

Not that I don’t subscribe to the theory of evolution, mind you. I do. But I don’t believe it explains everything. It’s amusing to see how scientific materialists attribute everything that falls outside the explanatory bounds of current scientific theories to accidents — chance, randomness, fate, whatever you call it.

Seems to me such attributions require as much faith as my personal Christian beliefs about God. Randomness is a very useful concept, but cannot be proven to exist. God is a very useful concept, but cannot be proven to exist. So I guess which you choose to use to explain things beyond the grasp of current science depends on your faith.

And don’t even get me started on Occam’s Razor. Besides being a distortion of its original intent, using Occam’s Razor as a test against faith just tranforms one subjective question into another subjective question. Who’s to say that your concept of chance or randomness is simpler than my concept of God? You do? Your faith is stong, my friend.

Back to orgasms. I like the idea that women have them for reasons other than reproductive advantage. I like the idea that something so enjoyable exists as a gift from God, for the pleasure of it. Maybe it’s all part of the Plan and not just a happy accident.

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