Smartmarriages Afterparty

We’re off to the Smartmarriages conference today, just in time for the weekend event to be wrapping up. We’ll pull in about four hours or so after most everybody else has pulled out.

We’re not going for the conference part,which we’ve been to and highly recommend, but for the post-conference classes which will enable us to teach two marriage education programs. “How To Avoid Marrying A Jerk” and “PREP for Low Income Individuals.” Last year’s theme was to learn PREP and bring it back. This year’s theme is to bring back material to teach single people about marriage.

Years of experience has told us that teaching engaged people about marriage, while a great good in itself, is not optimal. If you’ve already sent out invitations and picked out china, you aren’t quite as open to an honest evaluation of your commitment and comaptibility. So, in addition to teaching that, we wanted to bring some material to bear for those who’ve been married for a few years and are looking for some brushed up skills. That’s what we did last year.

This year we want to learn and eventually teach material to young people who are still dating to help them recognize healthy relationship behavior when they see it and, even better, exhibit healthy relationship behavior themselves. “How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk,” I suspect, might just as well be called “How to Avoid Being a Jerk in Marriage.”

This is all part of the Heidi and Cody Strategic Plan to:

  • Keep our own marriage skills sharp
  • Pursue Lifelong Learning
  • Develop a future income stream that capitalizes on Heidi and Cody’s gifts.
  • Get away for a romantic, child-free recharge

It’s fun, educational, and strategic. What more could we ask? Back in a few days.

One thought on “Smartmarriages Afterparty

  1. I found you on aldahlia’s site. Terrific post, and terrific idea. Prevention education is key. Best wishes to both of you for great training!

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