The fitness game

My biggest problems with getting regular exercise are time and motivation. I am motivated to play sports, but it takes a lot of time to get ready, get there, and get home and clean up. Not to mention the care and feeding of a list of people you can play with. Trying to organize the Sunday basketball I was playing was quite a deal, and that was just one session on Sunday morning.

And if it’s not sports, I get bored. Almost all other forms of aerobic exercise, machine enabled or not, I am just not motivated to do. Absolutely no interest from my ADD, lack of discipline self. To get me to exercise, I need an objective, a game, a score — something to beat even if it’s only my personal best score.

So that’s why I like Dance, Dance, Revolution for aerobic exercise. I can do it at home with only a little set up. I don’t have to find a partner to play. And, at my weight class, even the easiest songs are aerobic for me. And as I get more fit the difficulty grows to challenge me.

I am really psyched about the emergence of fitness gaming. The answer, I believe, to my exercise motivation problems. I can’t wait for this to come out in September. Eyetoy:Kinetic looks like another step in the right direction for me.

I bought one regular PS2 game for the kiddos to play and have not been impressed with the couch-potato behavior that has inspired. I think I’ll let them play Jak and Daxter out and not buy any more “sit and play” games for the PS2. In a few months, you’ll have to be willing to sweat to play a videogame at the Clarks’ house.

2 thoughts on “The fitness game

  1. Oh I think that looks like a lot of fun and good way to excercise. I don’t have kids though, i’d have to qualify buying a ps2 for myself. hmmm.

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