Awkward Swing

I’m back in the Swing. Family is back from vacation. Kids are back to school. I’m back at work.

Maybe I’ll post more regularly now. I’m going through one of those periods where I don’t see how my blog fits into the rest of my life and so I am feeling no impetus to update as frequently. Maybe I’ll hit my stride as life returns to something of a regular rhythm.

I have hit that period in my blogging life where i don’t really care how many people read me. I haven’t looked at my stats in months but I’m sure they’re way down from what they used to be. Whatever.

But I really appreciate the connections maintained with those of you who do read me. You are my reason for keeping it up. My living counterexamples to the idea that peaks occasionally in my mind that blogging is rather a waste of time. Thanks for sticking by me as I figure out how to weave Overflow back into the rhythm of my life.

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