Down to To-Do

Whether you are a disciple of David Allen’s Getting Things Done or not, these two posts from 43 Folders:

Building a Smarter To-Do List, Part I
Building a Smarter To-Do List, Part II

are key if you want to be more productive and wish to have a to-do list that inspires productivity and not guilt.

They key is to have only things on your to-do list that are physical, actionable items that can be done in a sitting. Old school to-do items like “Clean Garage” or “Write paper” are really projects, not actions, and need to have their own separate list. Putting a project-sized item on your to-do list is like trying to eat an apple in one bite. You’ll choke trying and nothing will get eaten.

So to have an effective to-do list, you need to have a comprehensive current projects list. Where do you get that project list? Well, I’ve been talking about Mission and Vision lately. Your misson and your vision should be specific enough to be the source of all your projects. You can look at your mission, your vision, the current situation, and determine what your next projects should be. Once a week is the recommendation.

After that it comes down to doing the “next right thing” on any project that’s important to you. And the “next right thing” is all that we can really do anyway.

Yeah, I still owe a post on how to generate a good Mission. It’s on my to-do list.

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