Getting Messy

Today at lunch with Heidi, Olivia, and Petunia, we all reached to join hands to say the blessing. (Yes, we do it even in Boston Market.) Anyway, Olivia, had already previewed the Mac and Cheese with her hands, covering them in cheesy goop. Petunia, seeing this, tried to reach beyond Olivia’s hand to grasp her wrist. After several attempts that resembled some sort of kiddie secret hand dance, Petunia finally gave up and grabbed Olivia’s hand to say the blessing.

Exactly three nanoseconds after the “Amen,” Petunia had a napkin in hand, wiping the cheesy goo from her fingers. Seizing the teaching moment, I said to her, “Somtimes when you love someone you have to get messy.” She gave me a look back that said, “Brother, dont I know it.”

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