Catch the Wave? Yerba mate?

I opened the paper this morning and was surprised to read this:

Yerba mate moves beyond fad status and into the American mainstream”

Since when? I’ve been drinking this for years and I totally missed the fad part. And you’d think if it was mainstream I would have encountered someone besides me and the handful of South Americans I know who drink it. Still, it’s nice to see it get more play in the MSM.

I’ve been drinking lots of Yerba Mate lately because I’ve had this chest cold and Mate contains Theobromine and Theophylline as well as a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants that rivals chicken soup in it’s restorative power. At least for me, it’s comfort food.

The feature is wrong, or at least incomplete, in one thing though. Mate has indeed been linked to esophageal cancer if you drink too much. But that’s because the way traditionalists drink it — boiling hot sipped through a straw — deposits lots of very hot water directly into the throat. It’s the hot water action that causes the cancer, not the mate.

I make my mate the wimpy American way — with a drip coffee maker. So no danger there. And sipping my morning cuppa, I’m already feeling my airways relax. It’s going to be a good morning.

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