Evacuee Journal, Day 4

Looks like we were largely spared by the hurricane. But we will not know until we get eyes on our place. We had a number of trees in our yard that are nearing retirement and I don’t believe it would take much tropical wind to encourage a few to step down. There’s this one on the southeast corner of our house that’s especially old. But from all reports our area is basically undamaged.

But we’ve been told not to return for a few days. Water is still rising in the nearby bayous due to the rain and runoff. School won’t start again until at least Wednesday. More waiting, but this time with less worry.

What seems funny to me is the let down I’m feeling. I’ve spent the last few days making plans in my head for rebuilding my family’s life, saying mental goodbyes to much of our stuff, feeling the adreanaline rush of crisis mode. Now that all of those chemicals have drained out of my brain back into my endocrine system, it’s kind of like withdrawal. I should be happy that we didn’t get crushed, but all I want right now is a nap.

And then I want to come home. Our friends have been wonderful. Witchita is a great place to ride out a Hurricane. But now that I know I’ve actually got a home to come home to, I just want to get back there.

But for now, more waiting. And a nap.

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