Evacuee Journal, Day 5

So I had that nap. I’m feeling much better, thanks.

But it’s still about the waiting. Especially for information that trickles frustratingly slow.

A call to the Lakeview Police Department confirms there is minor wind damage, no power, and downed trees in my neighborhood. A call to a friend says that Clear Lake is still like a ghost town and any open food business is getting mobbed. Gas is in short supply everywhere.

No school until Thursday. My employer says to listen to local officials to determine when to come home. The Chronicle has a map for a return plan, but according to that my area’s return time is still TBD. With no gas and few support services and businesses open, we’re not in a hurry to take four kids back. But with the mental image of a downed tree on my house or broken windows letting a parade of gulf coast critters into our kitchen, I’d really like to get back. I wish I knew of someone in my neighborhood who stayed so I could get a pair of eyes on my home just to check. But all of the neighbors I know were smart enough to get out early too.

We still have not located Heidi’d parents who are on their way from Ft. Smith to their friends’ house in St. Louis. Heidi’s sister is playing sleuth and trying to track them down and make sure they’re okay. We are all worried a little, but also know that they take literally forever to travel anywhere and usually always turn up eventually. But still.

Yes — but still. We know that there is only light damage in our area. We know that authorities will give us a plan for returning eventually. We know that Rick and Joyce will turn up. But still. It’d be nice to know for sure.

More waiting.

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