"Giving Space"

Chris Corrigan’s brilliant recent post has broadened my view of the spiritual side of driving a car.

Mind you, I’ve been a long time practitioner of centering prayer while driving. That’s not as dangerous as it sounds. Instead of “Just Sit,” I “Just Drive.” In fact I pay more attention on the road when I do Driving Meditation because I have put away all distractions such as the radio and I am constantly returning from my mind’s many mental distractions to the task of driving. Works just like prayer at home.

But Chris takes it one further. By yielding one’s agenda and driving with others in mind, he “gives space” to the other drivers on the road. He thereby spreads loving kindness and actively creates a safer, more nurturing environment on the road. Cool.

I’ve got to try it on the way home today.

3 thoughts on “"Giving Space"

  1. It went well. But then again my 15 minute ride home didn’t afford me many opportunities to give space in the active sense. But I combined your idea with my driving meditation and it made a much needed prayer buffer between the stress of work and my family at home.

    I also was more mindful of maintaining a blending speed. In Houston traffic it is easy to go too slow and become a hazard. One can only go so far in “giving space” by slowing down.

  2. Yeah…but what’s amazing is how little braking you need to do to open up sapce in front of you. Sahave aclick or two off your speed and the rest of the traffic just surges ahead leaving a big gap in front of you, then you just resume your speed and enjoy the openness, the “blending speed” you talk about. Keeping up with the traffic means that you can keep the gaps open for a long time.

    There is a nother slowing down that is going on though, and that is the one you mention that’s in your head. The chatter slows, the distraction slows and the heart opens.

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