Chucky Cheese, take me away!

Life is full. Lots of opportunities to serve and reap the attendant rewards.

Heidi and I are two sessions into teaching another marriage class to about eight couples. Two more to go. The last session includes original material on couple planning I am developing — the kernal for a book I want to write. Or at least a whole separate class I want to develop. Our experience in teaching this kind of class is only confirming that this is something we want to do together long term. It’s a key part of our couple vision.

Heidi and I, well, more like Heidi with my help, have taken over the youth ministry position at our parish. It’s a temporary thing, but at a full time staff level of effort. Paid, praise God. The volunteer base has been neglected to the point that we’re down to a dedicated but haggard few souls. There’s a lot of restorative work to do to get things humming again. Apparently, we’re the cavalry supposed to come in and save the homesteaders who have their wagons circled and white flags waving. I pray we’re up to the task.

Meanwhile we can certainly use the money. I need to come up with a plan so that we use the extra money in a way that we won’t be hit too hard when the temporary assignment ends.

Our monthly conversational salon is going well. Last Saturday’s was a conversation about “Stuff” with a “Hurrican Rita” chaser. We need to decide next month’s topic. Since Advent and Christmas is coming up I was thinking about “Incarnation” as a good spiritual topic.

We’re busy planning Girlzilla’s Halloween Party. Last year’s was such a hit that her friends have been asking about this year’s version since last month. So we have a lot to live up to. We’re having a “Night of the Living Dead” theme, albeit loosely. Uncle Dave the DJ has agreed to come fill the night with funky grooves once we run out of silly games to play.

And my Futurist stuff is still hanging on. Projects keep trickling in. If I made any less money as a Futurist, I’d have to call it just a hobby. But it seems I have one current client and one looming prospect, so it stays on my radar screen.

And then the mechanics of running a household have to be replanned. We haven’t fully emptied the garage from hurricane Rita. We need to get a plumber in to fix no less than five annoying plumbing niggles. And I’m running out of clean underwear.

All the above goes by way of explanation as to why I am actually looking forward to taking Mr. Freshpants to Chucky Cheese for a birthday party tonight.

2 thoughts on “Chucky Cheese, take me away!

  1. I started writing an article on marriage 30 years ago and if you are interested I will send it to you by e-mail, just send me your e-mail address

  2. All this, and a hurricane too? My gosh you’ve got a lot going on, Cody. Where on earth does boredom–mentioned below–ever come in?

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