Back at me

I’ve said before that the thing I love most about blogging is the connections. A person who but for God’s Grace and the Internet I would never have seen much less talked to sent me back some words that I put in her comments section lo last January. She was converting her site and came across this comment I left:

“About your Jan 26th entry…
I spent my twenties grasping for Happiness, Wisdom, and Significance only to realize that the bastards dissolve as soon as you clutch them. I think that’s how one is supposed to spend one’s twenties. I wanted to save the world, be trusted, good, right, and strong.
As my thirties come to an end, I am realizing with a mix of resentment and assignation that it is through pain, through disappointment, through weakness, that I acquire the ability to be compassionate, thus significant (just not with a capital S.)
I am becoming that ant. I carry my crumb on my back, feeding those I come across. I am small again and so the world is big once more.
But, I think you have to strive and climb for a while to appreciate that fork in the road after the inevitable descent. All roads lead downward eventually, to a choice. Choose the road to compassion over the road to bitterness when the time comes.
Small is large, Death is Life, Weakness is Strength.
Isaiah said “every valley shall be exalted and every mountain and hill shall be made plain.” He was talking about us. All of us.
Not very assuring words for an aspiring person like yourself, but you and I both can take comfort in the fact that we are where we are, not for a reason, but that’s where we are. All judgement is Maya.

Turns out that it’s something I need to hear yet again. At a time when I am tempted to be inflated with my own importance. And so the Internet holds me accountable to walk my talk. I love it. My sermon for the day comes from a former me.

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