A new found treasure.

“Now, there are many, many people in the world, but relatively few with whom we interact, and even fewer who cause us problems. So, when you come across such a chance for practicing patience and tolerance, you should treat it with gratitude. It is rare. Just as having unexpectedly found a treasure in your own house, you should be happy and grateful to your enemy for providing that precious opportunity.”

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama

I’ll try to remember this. In our new position in our parish, many of our fellow parishoners are very happy and supportive. And some, I understand, are less so. So what an opportunity to practice patience, tolerance, and not being defensive. When we accepted the Adult Ministry position, we promised to minister to all adults, not just the ones who like us back. So His Holiness’ words above will be a useful reminder.

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