Little Things I'm Liking Lately

Morning meditation
The hollow sound my dog’s head makes when I pat his snout
Coloring with my kids
The burnt sienna crayon
Toasted pecans
Watching my kids eat noodles
Those big rubber bands that come on bunches of broccoli
Accidental alliteration
Crossing things off my to-do list
Listening to kids try to count past their range
Radio stations run by college kids
Taking off my shoes after a long day
The view of my kids’ noses pressed up against the kitchen window as I pull into the driveway
Grace at family meals
The glow of our porch light at dusk
Freshly bathed kids in pajamas
Reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom out loud
Stealing a date with my wife after the kids are asleep
That first ten seconds of stretching out in bed

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