Coffee and a slice of Prayer

After one and a half hours of quiet work on a pile of customer feedback data, trying to conjure a common voice out of hundreds of comments. I stand up, go down the hall to shave, pour a cup of coffee, and close the door behind me to prepare for a conference call. I am in bare feet and shorts. As I start to dial, I catch a glimpse of the cover of my new book — Simple Ways To Pray.

And it comes to me in that moment to be grateful. Grateful for the silence, for the space to be productive, for the coffee, for a close shave during a break at “work”, for the stressful, frustrating, and sometimes rewarding road that has led me from a cube farm job to a breathlessly paced home office job in a different industry. Grateful for IM Chat and for speaker phones that punctuate the loneliness of being shut in a room all day. Grateful for this moment.

Grateful. Whether I feel like it or not. That is a simple way to pray — seek gratefulness for the very moment.

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