Morning Mezuzah

I read Leonard Sweet’s book Soul Salsa years ago. I just thought of him today as I realized that my morning ritual has become a “mezuzah moment.” In his book, Sweet urged me to “mezuzah my universe” by sacralizing the ordinary objects in my life, giving them sacred meaning.

I had forgotten about doing it until I started doing it. Each morning after I get dressed, I…

Put my wedding ring on intentionally, “putting on” my role in my family. Then I
Put on my ACTS bracelet, the only other piece of religious jewelry (if you can call it that) I wear, “putting on” my role in the community. Then I
Put my keys in my pocket, accepting anew my responsibilities. And last I
Put my wallet in my pocket, thanking God for the gifts he has given me that enable me to care for others.

I know some day it will be Otherwise. But for this moment I accept and am grateful for where I am.

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