Atheism: Just another religion?

Okay, so as Christian I am supposed to be offended or alarmed by this atheist manifesto masquerading as a feature in Wired Magazine. Ho Hum.

Does it ever occur to atheists that some intelligent mature Christians have outgrown the “Wise Old Magic Man In The Sky” God too?

Besides, these new activist atheists are just offering us more religious intolorance:

“We discuss what it might look like, this world without God. “There would be a religion of reason,” Harris says. “We would have realized the rational means to maximize human happiness. We may all agree that we want to have a Sabbath that we take really seriously — a lot more seriously than most religious people take it. But it would be a rational decision, and it would not be just because it’s in the Bible. We would be able to invoke the power of poetry and ritual and silent contemplation and all the variables of happiness so that we could exploit them. Call it prayer, but we would have prayer without bullshit.”

A “religion of reason” indeed. They would have us worship our own faculties of reason. Deify the Scientific Method. So it’s not so much about freedom from religion as it is more of the same “my religion is better than yours” effluvia we see every day. Not much enlightenment from folks who think they’re more enlightened than most of the population.

I don’t care how righteous your cause, how noble your goal, if your efforts come from that “I’m right and you’re wrong” place within you, you are just another extremist.

There is a lot we Christians have in common with (at least some) atheists. But that’s another post.

One thought on “Atheism: Just another religion?

  1. Very well said, Cody. The tipoff is that word “bullshit.” Not a faith system–and it is a faith system–that I’d care to be a part of.

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