3rd Day of Christmas

Yesterday we spent time playing with our toys and resting in the presence of family. Made a battery run and then assmbled the toy train, the Dora Dollhouse. Played with the playdough set, the bike, and the new board games. We started to enjoy the gifts we received on Christmas Day. A fitting continuation of the Christmas season. We have yet more — the Lego set, the Dancing Barbie — to appreciate in the fullness of time.

Today we have the task of integrating the new gifts into our household. Since we’re having guests tonight, the Christmas loot can no longer be strewn across the house. We must make room and find a place for these new gifts. What must be cleared from our rooms to make a place for the gifts of Christmas? Indeed, what must be cleared from my heart?

Tonight is Dip-a-Rama. We’re having another Christmas party, where everyone brings a dip to share and we play games. We celebrate because it is a time to celebrate, Continue to celebrate. Because what we have to celebrate deserves more than one day.

Tomorrow Heidi and I have delayed gratification day. In order to get through Christmas on as close to a cash basis as possible, we delayed giving each other our personal gifts until we hit the end of the month paycheck. So we’re looking at a little delta Christmas gifting in a few days.

We still have Christmas cards to go, a few gifts still to give, and a few we started that need to be finished. We’re stretching this Christmas as much as we can. I’m happy about that.

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