spirit of new tech

I love it when new technology and the freedom to create give voice to prayer. Check out this video from Current TV: My Salvation. Great witness to the Spirit.

New technology has also given me a little tidepool of evil that I must go symbolically wipe out every now and then –> My Comment Spam buffer. Doing so reminds me of the things I don’t want in life, things I do not want to see, things that I thankfully do not want or need

girl eating sperm
master and slave pic
free foot fetish video
pokemon hentai game
Rolex Watches
Free Nokia Ringtones
hydrocodone apap
bingo supplies (?)

They’re like little beckoing voices, like Satan’s own sideshow barkers, wanting me to want them. I think of the people who offer these things, the poor folks who think they must have these things, and pray that they find what they truly need. And as I hit “delete spam” I remember, “There, but for the Grace of God, go I.”