Information Heart

I am a visual learner. And I have a desire to be a better visual communicator both professionally and personally. So I was delighted to find this rather exhaustive periodic table of visual communication methods.

I am increasingly interested in information art lately. It’s like a “seam topic” that brings together my interest in art, mathematics, lean six sigma, futures studies, and even my faith.

This Lenten Season my project is a visual survey — a “map” if you will — of the four parallel Gospels. I have learned a lot so far, being able to see the four accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings in parallel like that.

One thing I have learned is that the weight of the Gospels is about what Jesus taught. I think modern Christianity tends to focus more on who Jesus is and what he did at the very end when he died. We tend to dismiss him as a teacher more or less. I don’t think the two should be separated from the same context, but they often are. We take him out of context way more than we should. But you kinda hafta see the context to get that impression. Hence the need for visual communication.

Another thing I have learned from this Lent is that, as much as I love information art, I lack many of the skills needed to execute it. I want to take some graphic design classes.