Stuff I Like: Think Green Bars

I tried one of these bars from my local health food store. Yummy. I ordered a box.

Goes against my recent diet efforts — to cut down on food that my great-great grandparents would not have recognized as food — but still. Yummy.

And I want some healthy snacks to have on hand in my home office to reduce the temptation to get up and go downstairs to get a snack. Once I leave my office, who knows when I will make it back up to work. I have this habit of “clean-wandering.” I tidy a stack of mail here, then on the way to take a bill to my office I see a pair of Fresh’s shoes, which leads me past a pile of laundry that needs advancing through the queue…

So maybe this box of 15 bars will save me 15 distractions as well as being a healthy alternative to going down and grabbing a handful of chips.