Poem: Kingdom Come

The kingdoms gonna come
in the Father thru the Son
by the water by the fire
in the heart by the desire

The kingdoms gonna come
thru the many, thru the One
by the deed and by the Word
through the seen and thru the heard

The kingdoms gonna come
in the Three and in the One
in the many in the each
by the yearn and by the reach

Lord, I yearn and reach.
I know I’m a sinner
I’m not getting any thinner.
my weakness for my dinner
is the smallest of my failings.
i’m sorely ailing, i’m bailing
on your simplest commands
But here I stand before you
with my hands reaching for you
a broken man, yet I adore you
i beg you and implore you to make my life anew
i don’t want to be a winner, so much as a beginner
who sees with your inner heart.
Give me a new start
a child like love for everyone
put kingdom work in my hands to be done
and in my mind a knowledge of your Son
bring us the kingdom His sacrifice has won

Yeah, the kingdom’s gonna come
in the Father Spirit Son
in the prophets, in the preach
in the heal and in the teach

The kingdom’s gonna come
in the Will and in the Done
in the home and in the street
by the hands and on the feet

The kingdom’s gonna come
by the kindness by the Love
by our humble supplication
by our grateful veneration
day by day our transformation
soul by soul the world’s salvation

That’s all for this joint
I hope I’ve made my point

May the Lord bless you and keep you
May he sow you and not reap you
May the Lord renew and rest you
May he only gently test you now and then
May His peace in you increase in you and never cease in you

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