It's Still Christmas

Yes, but I’m back at work. Sort of. The family is downstairs exploring, and in some cases, destroying, the Christmas loot. And I am up in the office trying to get a process control plan written. It’s hard to concentrate. Hence the blog entry.

Another Christmas of abundance. Lots of cool stuff that still needs to be explored. Not enought time yet to fully experience and comprehend the gifts. Grandparents scored big time by bringing the kids a Wii and that is going to get lots of air time. We also got one of those XO laptops via the OLPC Give 1 Get 1 program. (Yeah, I was one of the “first day” donors, so we got one in time for Christmas.) I can see lots of potential in this — my ADD son spent about 40 undirected minutes exploring it yesterday morning, which is encouraging. But it’s gonna take some learning on my part to be able to show him how to really take it out for a spin. More exploring, learning, comprehending the potential of the gifts.

I’m glad its part of the design that Christmas is a season, not just a day. A good gift unfolds its benefit, its significance in the fullness of time. Mary and Joseph, I’m sure, could not fully grasp the gift of their baby Jesus, not after just one day. They too needed time to fully comprehend what they had there. What kind of gift this was.

I’ve said before tha December 26th is my favorite day of Christmas. It is the day after the bustle dies. The first day to be quiet and settle in with the new blessings that Christmas brings. The first chance to let the importance of what has been exchanged sink in, to let quiet joy take over the excitement of newness.

I am excited about having an XO laptop computer for my kids to use. It is definitely designed just for little people. I know they don’t understand what they have yet, but do any of us really?

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