Twenty Freaking Years. Woohoo!

As of this evening, Heidi and I will have been married for twenty years.

Twenty. Freaking. Years. Woohoo!

So, big night tonight, huh? We should have some big stuff planned, right?

Hmmm… Well… we’ll go to dinner. We’re planning a getaway weekend for later this month. Sounds kind of ho-hum.

This was bothering me today in thought (or prayer. potayto-potahto) until it hit me — this anniversary thing is too big to fit into one day. I have trouble (and not enough money for) coming up with some sort of ostentatious event/present that can do twenty years of marriage justice in one day. I mean, it’s not just our anniversary, it’s the 20th birthday of our entire family!

So, I declare a Jubilee Year. Yeah, that’s it. We’re going to celebrate for an entire freaking year. I’m thinking a getaway vacation for Heidi and I. A big road trip vacation for the fambly. A blow-out family jubilee birthday party. A ten year vision, a time capsule, a jubilee garden in the backyard — the possibilities are endless. Lots of ways to celebrate.

So that’s what we’ll talk about tonight. Kickoff the Jubilee year at some trendy Houston Eatery like Reef.

Happy Anniversary, Baby.

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