Staying Home

If Wendell Berry, one of my favorite poets, had a magazine, Orion Magazine might be it. This article from Orion caught my eye in SciTech DailyThe Most Radical Thing You Can Do Is Stay Home.

I am one of those priveledged of the world who must, to an alien visitor watching from afar, seem like ants in an anthill, scurrying from place to place in endless activity. (Shades of Dave Matthews?). That’s how I feel sometimes, trapped in obligatory mobility.

I know how much I like staying home for an evening on one of those rare nights when no commitments call us away. And my current life goal is to do what I do — knowledge management, strategy, futures, teaching, consulting — without having to travel endlessly. My ultimate career goal is to get paid to be Me at Home.

Staying Home “means getting out of the limbo of nowheres that transnational corporate products and their natural habitats—malls, chains, airports, asphalt wastelands—occupy.” That hits it on the head for me. Business travel is pleasant enough, but soulless in a very crucial way. A limbo of nowheres describes exactly how I feel when I travel. When work rips me out of my context and I feel unhinged, drifting, aimless. I am disconnected from the rhythms of my life, beyond the reach of teh gravity that holds me down to the grounding love of my family and community.

Part of the solution to that is learning to be still and quiet wherever I am, to realize my connection to all places and people. But there is, at this stage in my life, no comfort more fundamentally satisfying than Staying Home.

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