World of Fritterin'

Girlzilla downloaded World of Goo on WiiWare for Fresh’s birthday yesterday. He’s nine.

Under the guise of needing to know how it works so that he and I can play together, I snuck on this morning when I should have been working and spent a guilty but enjoyable 30 minutes trying it out. I understand now why it’s such an acclaimed game: the gameplay is addictive, the design is masterful, it’s whimsical, it’s casual play, and it’s a pretty darned educational physics game only stealthily so. Doesn’t feel educational at all.

The most maddening thing for me is that there is no tutorial per se. But I found a pretty good FAQ sheet .

Oh, I can see some time frittering a’comin! The trick is to replace TV fritterin with World of Goo fritterin’ instead of just adding more fritterin’ to my fritterin’ balance.