Faint Praise

What is “Drinkability” supposed to mean, exactly? Isn’t that setting the bar a little low for a beer?

Doesn’t “Drinkability” just mean that it’s not poisonous and it’s in a container with some sort of opening? Technically, I could pee in a can and that would have “Drinkability.” But we are talking about light beer here, so, potayto potahto.

I’ve actually tried Bud Light. A can of it was handed to me gratis by a friend. I was ready to order myself a Shiner Bock, but I didn’t want to be rude. When I took a first sip, many words came to mind. I guess “Drinkability” would be the kindest of all of them. Why not faint praise if you can offer nothing better, I guess?

Same goes for all the beers that emphasize how “cold” they are. Hello. The beer didn’t do that. Credit goes to the ice chest. But then again, if “cold” is the best thing you can say about the beer, better faint praise than none at all.

Never trust a beer you can see through, I say.

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