Redeeming the Mullet

I have come to the conclusion that no generation who allows “Faux-hawk” wearers to walk amongst them without ridicule should ever deride those who wore (or still wear) mullets. Any generation who allows bed-head as an acceptable hairstyle should tread very lightly with any Coiffuristic Commentary on previous eras. I’m just sayin’.

Sure, all fashions look dated and a bit silly a decade later. (PT Cruiser anyone?) At least the Mullet says something. It has a “Business in the front, party in the back” ethos attached to it . The Faux-hawk, on the other hand, says, “I have this extra hair gel…”. The mullet required effort and commitment. It had to be cultivated. It wasn’t a hairdoo you could just shampoo away.

I am a general believer in Esquire Magazine’s advice that a Gentlemen should never wear a hairstyle that has it’s own name. And maybe this is all just sour grapes because I no longer have enough hair to do either doo. But I say any residual Mullet wearers out there should get a free pass as long as “Faux-hawks” still roam the earth.

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