Wiggling Out of the Lobster Trap

Haven’t posted to Overflow for a while, I know. I’ve been active elsewhere online, but just not on my own blog. I’ve been on Facebook, which has become a rather insidious time sink for me.

I was inspired to post on Overflow after reading this article about Outsmarting Facebook. It’s about how Facebook is basically a “Lobster Trap” that uses your own friends as bait. Once Facebook (or similar social network sites) have you, you give them all sorts of valuable data as you post your status, comment on friends’ statuses, become a “fan” of this or that. This is a more sophisticated version of the “give us your list” marketing model of the dot-com/telcom sector.

That said, Facebook is still very much worth using. I get to interact and keep up with people whose paths I don’t get to cross very often. But I realize that I need to change how I use it to make sure that I use Facebook and Facebook doesn’t use me. The article has some sage advice for how to strike that balance.

And I do so love balance. Mainly because I find myself out of balance so often.

I went through my blog this morning looking for something I had written a few years back and got sucked into rifling through some of the memories I had stored there over ten years. The day we adopted Gracie, my appreciation of my parents, my observations about the Rocky Horror Picture Show, my homage to movie characters Larry Darrel and Lloyd Dobler, the Pie Of The Lord. And so on.

I realized that I do some of my best writing in that format, musings and ramblings that don’t fit into the little box on my Facebook “wall.” Yeah, there is the “notes” app, but Facebook is all about the “wall” and it’s snack-sized missives. I find myself spending my time “catching up” and “expressing myself” in short bursts on my “wall” and neglecting one of my favorite activities — real writing.

One change I want to make is to blog on my blog and quit giving Facebook all my best material. I want to have just one place to go to see what I was talking about, reading, learning, listening to, and interested in way back when. Not two or three fragmented ones. I don’t want a Facebook Me and a LinkedIn Me and a Blog Me. One Online Me is enough. And I can just let Facebook pull posts off my rss feed so my Facebook friends can still roll their eyes at my nerdly ways.

And that’s my Facebook status for today. :)

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