Scattered, Happy Brain

I came across a notebook of mine from over a year ago. It always amuses me to read my personal scribblings and try to decipher/remember the thought process that led to them. It’s like being able to step out of myself and bear witness to my own scatterbrained, flaky, ADD self. I have a lot of fondness for that guy, but he gives me a lot to laugh at. For instance, here’s a small sample of my stream of consciousness from a year ago:

Killer Elders – “Age Rage” — 14 million baby boomers develop Alzheimers
Brain Fingerprinting
PEPSI (proton echoplanar spectroscopic imaging)
cyberposses as online gaming
citizen relationship management (CRM for Gov’t)
room temp superconductivity by 2020?
field programmable gate arrays
computer imitates brain
self-replicating nano-machines
oil from bacteria
effective understanding of physiological basis of behavior by 2025?
pre-crime — prediction of criminal behavior
artificial photosynthesis
AC that harvests heat from exhaust air
combo desalination/power plants
multi-modal fusion
emerging ambient intelligence — embedded, context aware, adaptive, anticipatory
ontology of electrolytes — gel, solid, safe, ionic liquids, tonic conductivity?
wireless id via sensors
biometric regognition
song-based eye-blink (“blinkprint”)
paper batteries
sprayable batteries

You get the idea. It looks more organized because I typed these as a list. But they’re written all over the page with little arrows connecting words and ideas. I can recall the session now. Ideation on civil security and energy with a client group. What I can’t recall is which ideas are mine and which ideas I wrote down to look into further. I believe the ones that sound brainy, like proton echoplanar such and such, were things the smart people said and I wrote down to check out later. The flaky fringey stuff like “blinkprint” and “sprayable batteries” are scenario ideas I was getting from listenign to the smart people talk.

That session was a happy time. I was doing what I do. Taking the stuff smart people come up with and envisioning possibilities. It was one of the rare times I got to do exactly what I went to IBM to do. It was the moment I left a great job with NASA for. It was the kind of moment that I turned down an offer to go back to NASA for. And now it’s the kind of moment that makes me feel satisfied to go back to NASA knowing that I put my all into following my dream. Putting my ADD visionary brain into the service of an Asian government trying to envision a safer country for its future.

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