Dad Tools: The Shrub Rake

I am a big fan of Kelvin Kelly’s Cool Tools. It’s one site that never fails to make me want to go shopping. Simple, often cheap, tools that fill a niche you never realized you need to fill.

Anyway, I’m doing my own, but from a “Slacker Dad” point of view. My first feature is the Shrub Rake. Mine’s never seen a shrub. Or the outdoors for that matter.

I use it for cleaning the kids’ rooms. The rooms in the house where you can’t see the floor periodically. The rake is perfect for getting toys out from under kids beds, chairs, desks while saving your back. I go into Fresh’s room and just rake everything I see into a big pile. Then I point and say, “pick that up.”

Flip it over and you can use it like a hockey stick, shooting Barbies over to the doll corner and clothes over toward the hamper, stuffed animals onto the respective kid’s beds, and shoes to the closet. It’s kind of fun to have the kids’ shoes in a pile in front of the closet and slap shot the shoes, one by one, trying to land them on (or near) the right shelves.

Yeah, it doesn’t qualify as “picking up,” but it gets stuff closer to where it’s supposed to go and makes it easier for the kids to get in and finish the job. At around seven bucks, it’s a Slacker Dad must have.

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