Powdery Goodness

I made my first foray into molecular gastronomy this morning, thanks to the gastro-geek wonderland that is Nuts Online. I went looking for some Citric Acid power to use as a fruit preservative and a tartness agent for some of my smoothie creations and found a veritable powdery smorgasbord. I am already thinking up a recipe for my own custom Pixie Stix powder.

I ended up buying some Yumberry and Acai powder to amp up my breakfast smoothies. (Eat your five dollar per drink heart out, Jamba Juice.)

I also got some Soy Lecithin granules in hopes of being able to make a whole grain bread at home in my bread machine that is lighter and more palatable for the kids. I’d be making a batch right now if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t work at home anymore. (Man, employment is starting to cramp my style.)

But my favorite powdery toy is Xantham Gum. It stabilizes mixtures like sauces and salad dressings — and hopefully smoothies — so the ingredients don’t separate after standing. It exhibits pseudoplasticity in that shear forces such as shaking or stirring will release the bonds and reduce the viscosity of the mixture. So it’s stable on the shelf and pourable after shaking. Xantham Gum is probably the reason a bottle of somethign you buy says “Shake Well Before Serving.”

So I put some in my smoothie this morning. I need to adjust the amount. I put in one teaspoon and right now my smoothie resembles blueberry-walnut-yumberry-acai barbecue sauce. Live and learn.

Now I need to go find a spoon so I can drink my breakfast.

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