I pray, I am, He is.

I’ve a habit of provacatively stating to my fellow churchy-ites that I don’t really care if God exists. What I mean by that is that I feel no need for proof of a God beyond my understanding and believe that the whole proof of God thing is kind of silly. I pray, I am, because He is. That’s enough for me.

So I read an excellent review of Karen Armstrong’s A Case For God. Warms the confirmation bias cockles of my heart.

“A god whose existence you can prove is a god to whom you cannot pray… Prayer — not proof — is where religion rises or falls.”

Far from making a case for God’s existence, the book points out that such efforts are misguided and a hindrance to faith. I totally agree. Making God’s existence a matter of science is putting Him under the authority of a (admittedly useful) human construct. Ultimately she makes a case for reviving the apophatic tradition of theology that the modern age has buried. Maybe this will help folks develop a more balanced idea of who God is. Meanwhile, I pray, I am, He is.

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