Dia De Los Muertos

I hope I don’t get in too much trouble for this, but I set up a “shrine” of sorts at work. In the empty cube next to me, I put up an All Souls Day sign with a hastily colored Dia De los Muertos Skull saying “Pay Respects, Have some Food.” I set out all the food the teenagers at Prowloween didn’t eat (which was a *lot* of stuff I don’t need to have hanging around.) And then I set a post-it pad and a pen out for respecting our beloved dead.

My prayer this morning was honoring all my beloved dead and thanking God for the graces they gave me.

Mahala Jane Clark, Matriarch, Grandma, Saint both while alive and in death. From her God made a bountiful family.
Richard Hebner, Father-in-Law. Damned fine guy. Storyteller. A loud and boisterous character. Natural entertainer and host. Made a mean pot of spaghetti.
Margie Pokorny, Beloved Grandma, owner of the magical purse, grandkid spoiler extraodinaire
Leo Pokorny, Grandpa and damned fine guy. Regret not being able to buy him an Old-Fashioned and talk to him as an adult.
Ashby Clark, Grandpa, Smelled like snuff and kind of grumpy to little kid like me, but I found out he set the example that helped make Dad such a good Dad. The example I seek to emulate. Thanks Ashby.
Lois Wood, Great Aunt, more fun and clever than she let on she was, could clobber you at rummy and make you feel great about it, purveyor of serious goodies.
Shannon Cloar, Cousin. Devoted mother. Died way too young. We fought like cats and dogs as kids, but I admired her devotion as an adult.
Eric Stinson, Cousin. Playmate as a child. Good old boy. Always friendly and up for a game of spades.

Thinking about all these people has made my prayer this morning wistful and a bit teary, but I am grateful for and fond of the wonderful people God has surrounded me with in my life. I know for sure I forgot some I shouldn’t have. But such is my prayer today — to remember and to celebrate. I can always go post another sticky note as I remember the others.

Who are your beloved dead? What kind of gift were they to you?

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