What's in your thought bubble?

This video might be the most useful three minutes of your day. Not so much for the health care talk, which you may or may not agree with, but for the innovative use of media. I’ve never seen a more effective, efficient method of communication, speaking to all learning styles at once. I hope this thought bubble thing catches on. See their impressive promo video.

This has gotten my own thought bubble, which admittedly is kind of bloated and frenetic even on a slow day, going on overdrive. What a tool for catechesis, illustrating futures scenarios, even for prayer.

I can see the thought bubble as a model for the examen. What’s the ratio of holy stuff to profane stuff in your thought bubble lately? Reminds me of a really good article I read a few months back about Sloth. This deadly sin is not so much about laziness as it is about having zeal for the trivial and indifference to holy things, like face-to-face relationships, listening, being present. I think a thought bubble examen would be a great way to combat sloth in my own life.

What’s in your thought bubble?

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