Birth of Adorkable

Act I: Coining a Term

Gracie: “Oh Aaron, I love you. You’re so adorkable!”
Mommy: (laughing) That’s a great word. Where did you hear that?
Gracie: I made it up.
Daddy: The irony! You are our most adorkable kid by far.

Act II: Case In Point
(Daddy passing through the living room, noticing Gracie standing in front of the TV holding an open empty ziploc bag to the seat of her pants. Daddy stops.)
Daddy: What. What are you doing?
Gracie: I’m catching a fart.
Daddy: (sigh) Just wash out the bag after you’re done. I’m packing your lunch in that tomorrow.
Gracie: (offering bag) Want to smell?

Adorkable. Contact Webster and company. I have a picture of Gracie for them.

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