Drink Dogma

I want to drink with this guy. Or at least buy a drink from him.

Not that I am a big drinker or bar-goer, but I am a big fan of people who are passionate and thoughtful about stuff that folks like me don’t think that much about, like beer tap pressure. I want to support their projects. Bonus if supporting happens to involve a tasty sip of something stiff and smooth. (stop it, you.)

This guy is also hands down the best writer about mixology I’ve ever read. His post on Old Overholt Rye had me fishing out my dusty bottle from under the cabinet and staring intently at it with new eyes. Heck, I’d say he is one of the best writers I’ve read recently. Period.

Exhibit one — his description of Bourbon:

You know Bourbon, that down-home, play you an old song until you admit you like it too, Red State voting, will get you drunk and lecture you the next morning for having a hangover, only seen him get really upset like three times but when it happened it was really bad, retired fellow that compensates for it by mowing the lawn three times a week. He owns a tractor that he parks in his front yard that hasn’t moved in fifteen years that people use as a landmark when giving directions, and he is an uncle to 23 kids without having any of his own.

Spot on.

So I propose a guy’s “research” night. To see if tap pressure regulators customized to each beer makes a difference in the quality of the pour. All in the interest of science, of course.

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