Spoken Word Christmas

It’s still Christmas. I’m celebrating right up until Epiphany. That means I’m still singing carols and listening to Christmas music. I am also bringing out my favorite spoken word recordings about Christmas. Check out:

John Henry Faulk’s Christmas Story about a giving a ride to a young boy carrying an orange. Makes me tear up every year.

David Sedaris’ Story of being an elf in a department store at Christmas. He’s hilarious, if you like irreverent, snarky humor. Fun for the Scrooge in all of us.

And This American Life’s latest episode is a Christmas special. It’s temporarily available for download. Again irreverent snark warning. But very funny.

Two more notables, not free online but well worth a purchase:

Minnesotan Kevin Kling’s story called “A View From The Card Table” about Christmas as a young boy.
Texas preacher Gordon Atkinson (Real Live Preacher) has some of the best dramatized accounts of the Christmas story I’ve ever heard.

Some auditory christmas ornaments for you!

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