Fun With Food Science: Puffy "glass"

Taking my cues from this source on culinary glasses and puffed food, I got my first home-puffed healthy snack success last night by making a culinary “glass” out of whole wheat pasta. See the link above for the technicals of glass transition temperatures and water composition, etc. What I did was:

  1. Boiled 100% whole wheat penne in heavily salted water on low for, like, 45 minutes. Overcooked without destroying the pasta shape
  2. Dried the pasta in an oven overnight, door cracked, on a temperature just above the “glass transition temperature” (“warm” setting did it for me)
  3. Microwaved handfuls of the pasta in a 800W microwave at high setting for 1 minute

You will hear crackling coming from the microwave (a la Rice Krispies). They will look slightly browned and pocked with crispy bubbles. Crunchiest after cooling. Salt (or otherwise flavor) and munch. Walla! Whole-grain non-fried crunchy snacks!

Easy to do, but requires time and patience.

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